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5 Best Non-Vegetarian Foods You Must Try in Dubai

Dubai has long been celebrated as a culinary hub, blending flavours and techniques from across the globe. The area in which the city truly excels in is its diverse range of non-vegetarian dishes. From smoky barbecues to creamy pasta, Dubai offers a gastronomic paradise for those who relish meaty goodness.

Best italian food in dubai

Savoury Chicken Barbeque

A cornerstone of Dubai’s culinary universe, Chicken Barbeque promises a feast of succulent, juicy chicken marinated in a medley of flavourful spices and herbs. Often marinated overnight, the chicken soaks up a rich combination of garlic, cumin, and paprika before being grilled to smoky perfection. Restaurants like Pierchic and Al Safadi have gained a reputation for their unique take on this beloved dish, serving it with special homemade sauces and dips that elevate the experience to a gastronomic adventure you’ll crave long after your meal.

Italian Delight: Penne Cacciatore

Penne Cacciatore stands out as a culinary marvel when it involves Italian food in Dubai, presenting a delectable blend of Italian skill with Middle Eastern flavour. This hearty pasta dish captivates the palate with penne tossed in a luscious tomato-based sauce, enhanced with sautéed vegetables like bell peppers and zucchinis, and hearty chunks of tender chicken or rabbit. Various Italian restaurants in Dubai, such as BiCE Mare and Roberto’s, have garnered acclaim for their Penne Cacciatore, making them must-visit spots for anyone keen on experiencing this Italian classic pasta.

Luxurious Saffron Risotto Seafood

A feast for the senses, Saffron Risotto Seafood is the epitome of luxury served on a plate. This decadent, creamy dish features an assortment of premium seafood like prawns, scallops, and mussels, elegantly brought together by the exotic aroma of saffron. This cherished spice endows the risotto with a radiant golden-yellow hue and amplifies the dish with a subtle yet distinct floral aroma that complements the seafood harmoniously. For those searching for Italian fine dining in Dubai, establishments like Piero’s and Pierchic excel in crafting this luxurious dish, inviting diners to indulge in a gastronomic soirée.

Mediterranean Classic: Quattro Stagioni

The city of Dubai boasts several eateries that pay homage to Mediterranean culinary traditions, and among them stands Quattro Stagioni  stands as a timeless classic. This iconic pizza is creatively divided into four sections, each paying tribute to a different season with seasonal toppings like salty olives, tangy artichokes, and earthy mushrooms. Local trattorias like Rossovivo and Certo are acknowledged for their masterful execution of this Mediterranean wonder, making them an integral part of the Italian cuisine in Dubai and a must-visit for anyone with an appreciation for authentic pizza.

Perfectly Roasted Beef with Brown Gravy

For the ultimate carnivorous indulgence, nothing compares to a slice of Perfectly Roasted Beef, gloriously complemented by a velvety brown gravy. The secret to a great roast is the meticulous cooking technique, often involving a careful balance of searing and slow roasting to ensure the beef is tender, flavourful, and juicy. Esteemed establishments like The Meat Co. and Asado offer this irresistible dish, further enhancing its flavours with handcrafted gravies and complementary side dishes, making them ideal spots for a heavenly beef experience.

Pairing and Presentation

To amplify your dining experience, consider pairing your Chicken Barbeque with a refreshing lemon-mint cooler, and for your Perfectly Roasted Beef, a robust iced tea or non-alcoholic red grape juice can add a delightful twist. For Italian dishes like Penne Cacciatore and Saffron Risotto Seafood, a chilled virgin mojito or a crisp, non-alcoholic rosé could bring an extra layer of complexity. Presentation is an art in Dubai’s culinary world, with chefs displaying remarkable ingenuity in plating and design, ensuring that each dish is visually arresting and mouth wateringly delicious.

Culinary Exploration in Dubai

Dubai’s multicultural culinary landscape is not just a melting pot but a sizzling cauldron of flavours, tantalising aromas, and an array of colours that engage all your senses. The city invites food enthusiasts to step out of their comfort zones and truly embark on a global gastronomic expedition without ever leaving the metropolis. From the intricacies of Italian cuisine in Dubai to the exotic tastes of Asian fare and the comfort of Middle Eastern delicacies, the city is a canvas painted with culinary mastery from every corner of the world. Whether it’s the bustling food markets that offer an authentic street food experience or the high-end restaurants that define luxury, Dubai has it all. So, unleash your adventurous spirit and get ready to taste, savour, and indulge in a series of memorable epicurean escapades.

Tips for the Food Adventurer

Venturing into the rich culinary tapestry of Dubai can initially seem overwhelming, but a sense of curiosity and a dash of daring are your best companions on this journey. Whether you’re sampling the unique Italian food in Dubai or trying local Emirati dishes, an open mind will not only introduce you to new flavours but might also lead you to reevaluate your culinary preferences. The city’s eateries, from five-star establishments to lovely tiny cafes, are eager to walk you through their menus, making personalised recommendations depending on your tastes and dietary constraints. Don’t be shy to ask questions or express your preferences; Dubai’s culinary professionals take pride in crafting memorable dining experiences for all types of cuisines. Additionally, remember that the enjoyment of food isn’t merely about satiating hunger; it’s a form of art to be savoured. Local customs strongly emphasise appreciating your food, advising that you eat slowly, involve all your senses, and savour each bite as though it were a mini-adventure in itself. In doing so, you treat your palate and elevate the act of eating to a holistic, cultural experience.

Non-vegetarian dishes hold a special place in a city teeming with culinary innovation and traditional flavours. From sumptuous barbecues to authentic Italian restaurants in Dubai, there is something to satisfy every palate. So go ahead, take a gastronomic tour of Dubai and feast on the best non-vegetarian dishes the city has to offer.

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