The food must taste good, giving the pleasure to eat it and must be produced respecting the environment, animal welfare and health The Italian way of eating exalts the genius of a people who pride themselves on artistic self expression in drawing from the assets of a land that is intricately diverse by nature. Human and natural elements have combined in kitchens over time to engender an astonishing verity of dishes.

That explains why IL FORNO does not represent a national wat of cooking so much as an encyclopedic fund of recipes, techniques and flavors of local inspiration.

Italian food has triumphed at all levels around the world, in temples of gourmet dining as well as in cafes, pizza parlors, wine bars, fancy food shops, supermarkets and corner groceries. Innovation and respect for the original taste and recipe are the only wat to produce authentic.

The Company of IL FORNO was born 18 years ago and since that time we are following the same philosophy we brought to Abu Dhabi the highest standard of Italian cuisine.


  • World renowned cuisine rigorously using the finest ingredients and spices.
  • A true novelty product, combining the classic from ethnic street food with a contemporary flair always evolving to lead the market with new product.
  • Our cuisine will be well thought-out while maintaining passion and artistic creation. Using proper technique coupled with both classic and modern flavour combination to ensure that dishes are balanced and explosive.
  • We believe that the process is the final product. By paying attention to the evolution of each individual recipe component throughout the cooking process we will be able to develop a unparalleled end product
  • While we embrace this philosophy, we find it equally important to teach our team to think the same way.
  • Country to the industry standard, we feel that in the order to produce this level of cuisine each player must have a complete understanding of the methods as well as the reasoning behind them
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